KÅDU Caregivers donation program


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As little as $10 can feed 6-8 manåmko' or children.

Your donation will feed the needy and help our team stay employed.

KÅDU's Role

Our team will prepare, cook and package nutritious comfort food for those in need. We also handle all of the logistics of the program.

Our community partners

CATHOLIC SOCIAL SERVICES: Catholic Social Services provides housing and support to homeless families and individuals, the disabled and elderly. Every week we will feed the people they help with donations from you!

MAÑE'LU: Formerly known as Big Brothers Big Sisters of Guam, Mañe'lu's mission is to  educate, inspire and empower Guam's youth and families to change their lives for the better.  Every week we will feed the families they help with donations from you!

AGAT, MANGILAO and DEDEDO MAYOR"S OFFICES:  Distributed food to those in their village. If you are in need, please contact your mayor's office and ask them to get in the Kådu Care-Givers program!

SALVATION ARMY: Families in need who often don't qualify for food stamps receive groceries and other donations from Salvation Army. We have produced Family Bucket Coupons for Salvation Army to distribute to those same families, so they can receive a hot family meal from Kådu when they need it most.

GRAB-N-GRUB: A local food delivery service will provide the drivers for delivering the meals prepared for those in need. 

CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LADDER DAY SAINTS: The local church here on Guam has donated $10,000 to the program, and are our biggest donor to date! Thank you to the Church of LDS and their whole congregation for helping us continue our mission to feed those in need and making our island a better place.


The island has truly come together to support this program. The donations from the farmers,  wholesale distributors, restaurants and other local businesses have allowed each cash donation to be stretched farther! Please contact us at kaduguam@gmail.com if you would like to join us as a Community Partner! 


  • UOG Triton Farms
  • Marcelino Tan Farmer's Market
  • The Sudo-Perez Family Farm

Wholesale Distributors

  • PDC Wholesale
  • Evertrade
  • International Distributors (IDI)
  • Quality Distributors
  • Triple J Wholesalers


  • Primo's Guam
  • Outback Steakhouse
  • Red Lobster
  • Meskla Restaurant

Local Businesses

  • Micronesian Macrame
  • Thrill Threads
  • Hyatt Hotel 
  • Outrigger Hotel
  • T Galaide
  • Joe Guam
  • The John Dank Show/Current Guam


Cash:  Accepted at Kådu

Credit Cards:

1. On our website, click "Order Online" - Select your level of donation - Complete your transaction


2. Call Kådu at 646-5238 and pay with credit card over the phone


3. Donate via the Grab-n-Grub App.


1. How can my family receive free meals?

Answer: Please contact Catholic Social Services, Salvation Army or your village mayor, as we are working with them to deliver food to those in need. 

UPDATE: We are now providing free meals to families in need and the manamko' at our restaurant in Mangilao. Please visit us during open hours. 


4,580 MEALS DONATED TO THOSE IN NEED (as of May 25th)

For more details, and a complete report on donations and food deliveries, click the "Find out more" button below.

THANK YOU TO ALL OUR KÅDU CAREGIVERS, we couldn't have done this without you.

Place an order at Kådu for delivery through our partners Grab N' Grub! We'll get your favorite kådu dishes delivered to your doorsteps. Click the button below to order for delivery.

know who we are before you kådu with us.

 The mission of Kådu restaurant is to

provide our island’s families with convenient, affordable and nutritious meals made with as much local produce as possible, and to create a happy and supportive work environment for our team so they can deliver the best island hospitality to our guests.

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